I should have listened to Alicia years ago.  When she first told me to eliminate a certain food from my diet, I ignored her.  When the migraines and stomach upset became unbearable, I finally tried it, and she was completely right.  Within six months I was recovering, and now for the first time in decades, I feel good.  And for maybe the first time in my life the brain fog has really lifted.  Whatever she says, just try it.  I am forever grateful. 

- Katie Traphagen

Alicia has been able to help me with my periods and many other issues.  My GP did not have any answers for my heavy periods.  I did not have fibroids, & they told me it was peri-menopause.  There was nothing they could do for me!  I was in diapers it was so bad.  Alicia's advice has made my periods normal again!  I can sleep through the night without getting up three or four times to clean up!  That was exhausting. (I have lots of other health issues).

I had a bad case of candida.  She advised me to take some medicine to balance my hormones.  The candida is gone & now I can eat!  

She has helped me with terrible acid reflux.  She told me about two kinds of teas to try to help with the nausea.  This has helped me recover from the stomach flu.  The tea and treating my thyroid (with her direction on which Dr. to see) has helped immensely.  The reflux is not gone, but it is so much better!  

Alicia's wisdom has helped me make decisions many times (what Dr. to go to or even if I should go or not)!  She has a wealth of information and advice to offer, if one can absorb it all.  She is very intelligent & has a lot of knowledge.  I recommend taking notes on her sessions.  She has a lot to share.  Her choice of Doctors has helped me immensely.  She knows when you need professional help & when you should do it yourself! 

- Allegra

 I have learned a lot already. I have lost 5 Lbs from just following some of your common sense eating tips. Thanks!  

- Christopher Angell

“Once I got into the program I started to see immediate results with my “ghost surges”...significant overall improvement in several health factors in addition to cessation of ghost pains and excessive sinusitis absent of known allergens. Above all there was the feeling that I had regained confidence in the fundamental health and vitality of my body without the need for long term use of pharmacological agents.”

April 20, 2014

Tony Meneses
Clayton, MO 63105

img-tonyMy Story

I’m a long time endurance athlete and have been involved with running sports and especially cycling for most of my life; as of this date, in 2014, I’m 57 years young. I participated in team sports through my high school years, took a hiatus in college, took up distance running after college and got deeply involved with running 10K, 15K and marathon distances. Now granted, I was considered an outlier by both the cycling and running communities at the time. The reason is, I trained at far fewer the number of “MILES” that each camp considered optimal for achieving, even completing events like the marathon, cycling centuries and 24 hour endures. Folks we’re talking about the early eighties. Fast forward to 2013, thirty years later.

Time is the great equalizer

About a year ago, after about 3 emotionally tumultuous years, I found myself suffering from a series of tremendously painful, suicide headaches, cluster headaches, histamine headaches….whatever the medical profession calls it to treat you with their pharmacology of profit. My personal physician was at least decent enough to prescribe the generic form of Claritin as I had a history of sinusitis and upper respiratory issues, possibly asthma due to “seasonal allergies”. While it somewhat helped to mitigate the chronic effects, 

I was still prone to acute attacks and “ghost surges” that eventually altered my sleeping habits and even the side of my body that I slept on. Simply put, I was losing confidence in my own body and my hopes were becoming based in traditional medicine. Personally, I felt I had hit the end of the road of my own knowledge with regard to taking care of, and in the manner of making my own choices about, my health and well-being. I felt time had caught up with me and now I was being punished long and hard for my indiscretions against my body.

Enter Wood Nutrition

At the end of 2013 I had an encounter with Alicia Wood and became interested in her story of her celiac condition and began a few investigations into my own condition and was quickly confused about the complexity of the body’s histamine response. One thing that stood out was that the medical literature, while suggestive of food sensitivities as a “player” in histamine sensitivity, is not an avenue that generated practical guideline nor treatment protocol. Alicia and I began with a consultation and subsequently I contracted her nutrition counseling services. 

Just like at the gym I’ve avoided over the past three years, a comprehensive inventory of my eating habits, exercise, sleep, substance intake, etc. etc. was taken. We set goals for the program and Alicia drew out a plan and met with me regularly to assess the progress (or not). I have to admit that it took a while for me to catch on and maintain the type of discipline needed for the planned protocol. Alicia is sweet but convincingly strong “eating trainer” and took the time and effort to keep me on track. 

Once I got into the program I started to see immediate results with my “ghost surges” and gradually became more comfortable with the potential of the process. Through our regular meetings (every other week) and my own renewed interest in getting back control of my body, I began to have better insights into things like the digestive process, how the body uses water for hydronic activities (digestion and histamine regulation being of particular interest to my situation), bio-availability of  nutrients in food, and supplements. I was able to get a new perspective on nutrition that is helping tailor my food requirements yet avoid negative consequences. 

Here’s the deal, I had confused eating healthy and eating for physical requirements. I figured eating variety, volume and in healthy portions from a caloric standpoint was adequate. I had good habits, shopping for my own food and preparing it as much as possible. One would intuitively think that more of the same would produce a different result……where have we heard that before! So you can plainly see that even with the best intention, if there is no outside assistance to do some challenge to the established norm and present you with different vectors on a solution, even the best of intentions and actions may have a significant enough loophole for health symptoms to manifest. I am a firm believer that taking control of one’s individual nutrition needs and tailoring it to suit is the key to one’s health. I also believe that without Wood Nutrition, it would have taken me much longer. 

The Results

Through dietary testing Alicia and I determined a nutritional program based upon mitigating a possible compromise of intestinal nutrient absorption. The proscribed nutritional adjustments provided positive changes within the first month and with continued effort and refinement of the plan, lead to significant overall improvement in several health factors in addition to cessation of ghost pains and excessive sinusitis absent of known allergens. Above all there was the feeling that I had regained confidence in the fundamental health and vitality of my body without the need for long term use of pharmacological agents.

IMG_0311-2After struggling my whole life from constipation, social anxiety, and more recently, debilitating back and leg pain, I am finally beginning to heal. Alicia has been helping me come off Paxil (one of the hardest antidepressants to get off of!) and recommended supplements to treat the source of the problem. Paxil is also the reason why I've been in pain, a side effect of the drug that has limited my once active lifestyle. I tried to withdraw on my own, but failed twice. Now I am almost half way off my original dosage and still going down with minimal side effects

Alicia has also helped me change my diet and now I'm able to "go" each morning! I used to feel bloated all the time and was addicted to stimulant laxatives. Vacations, stress, work and school made it worse. Even as a small child I was almost always constipated. Not any more. It has truly changed my outlook on each day!

In addition to helping with constipation, I am also experiencing more energy and less brain fog with her dietary recommendations. I also have less intense menstrual cramps. I'm looking forward to continue working with her. Alicia has a lot of experience in the area of health and nutrition. Her advice has been life changing for me.

- Andrea W