My Story


I help people use their intuition and common sense so they can learn the best way to eat for their unique self; get to and maintain their ideal weight; and, manage their own health..

This might mean uncovering hidden allergies or sensitivities to foods or other substances, or there might be environmental triggers that are causing imbalances.  Certainly your relationships, sleep patterns, exercize habits and work requirements affect your ability to attain and maintain optimal fitness levels.

We won't attempt to ignore or "control" your food cravings.  Those are some of the most important clues your body gives you, so we work WITH your cravings, not against them.

And we won't try to control your portions either.  Once we have discovered the foods that you need to live your best life, and the foods that undermine your health, your body's clues will tell you how to manage the quantity of any food you eat.

I believe, and my experience and training support, that everyone can take control of their health and fitness by discovering and honoring their individual requirements for optimal wellness.

You've Come To The Right Place If...

You are committed; You want tools to take control of your own health and you're ready to be an educated and informed advocate for your best life.

You know your life would be more fun and fulfilling if you had more energy, less weight, more lean muscle, and more confidence that what you are eating serves rather than sabotages your goals.  You know you have individual needs, and you don't have the time or patience to follow complicated eating plans that worked for someone else but might not work for you.

You want to STOP hiding in loose fitting pants, wearing a t-shirt over your bathing suit, or making love with the lights out!  You want to START enjoying your life more, eating what tastes good and makes you feel great!

I love helping clients have all of these things.  And I know that there's nothing about being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight that should make you hungry and miserable.  I BELIEVE IN FOOD!

I recommend that you abdicate your membership to The Clean Plate Society.  You can start tonight!  Try serving yourself a little more than you want and then, after you’ve eaten most…Take a rubber spatula and SCRAPE IT INTO THE GARBAGE.  This is not immoral!  Children will not die in other countries because you did this.  This is the first step to getting in touch with, “How much do I want?  Am I full?”

I don't put my clients on "diets".  I help them discover a way of eating that works!

After our initial work of discovering which foods best serve you, you will have a plan that is fluid, flexible and able to adjust and morph with changes in your body's needs.

In short, if  you don't look the way you want to look, and don't feel the way you want to feel, I'd like to talk about how I can help.  If, after our first consultation, we agree that working together makes sense for both of us, I will help you create a completely personalized "roadmap to health" that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Although I don't charge for the initial consultation, this 50 minute appointment has the power to change your life.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, call me at 636-485-6135.