2:14 pm


What really helps me is this Sleep App on my phone. Read More

2:54 pm

Acid/Alkaline Myth

John Kozinski - Acid and Alkaline Myth on Youtube. Read More

2:17 pm

Low Stomach Acid

While getting colonics I discovered that I have lots of (odorless) gas. Researching this I've come to suspect that I have low HCL (stomach acid). A recommendation is 1/2 a lemon in water 20 minutes before each meal. I'm going to try this and see if my colonics scheduled for next week are any different. Because organic limes are easier to get right now than organic lemons, I decided to do it with limes. Read More

2:20 pm

So, I Got Glutened

I was eating salad from the buffet at a resort in Mexico. I lifted a forkful to my mouth and a piece of spaghetti fell from it onto the table. (It was not a pasta salad.) What I should have done is dropped the fork with the food, at the least gotten a new fork, better, just skipped the salad altogether since I couldn't trust it not to be contaminated. Read More