NO to the Flu Shot

I do NOT recommend the flu shot. I never recommend eating anything or taking any supplement or medication without reading the label or the package insert. You can't do that with a syringe full of liquid about to inserted into your bloodstream. The flu shot (and immunizations) contain all sorts of nasty "inactive" ingredients used as preservatives and just as carrier for the flu itself. There are many people having bad reactions to these ingredients ranging from mild to severe to debilitating to lethal. The benefit has not been proven to be significant.

There are many, many ways to support and enhance the immune system so one's own body fights flu far better than the shot. I rarely get the flu, and even then often only getting just mild sinus problems while others are in bed for days.

Sugar (in particular High Fructose Corn Syrup) quickly and significantly weakens the immune system leaving one very susceptible to flu. As I tell my granddaughter, "Those viruses are eating that sugar you just ate and having babies." Naturally sugary foods like juice aren't as dangerous but still need to be cut down. White bread (read the label carefully: "Wheat" bread just means it's not corn or rye, but wheat) and white rice are digested as refined sugar. Drinking alcohol during flu season is a dumb idea. It's a quick immune suppressant.

There are several specific brands of supplements I recommend to prevent flu and to take once you've gotten it, but diet is always most important and your first priority.


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March 30, 2018 7:29 am
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