"Disease Without a Cure": Valley Fever

Valley Fever, in California and areas around it, is on the increase. A fungal infection that comes from the soil/dust, it's making people desperately sick.

The treatment patients get from their doctors is powerful anti-fungals, the kind often used to fight a systemic yeast infection. This stuff has common nasty side-effects of its own, nausea and vomiting and, worse case, liver damage.

When I look at a site dedicated to alternative cures for this disease it's frustratingly vague, referencing a kitchen-sink list of immune system enhancing herbs and supplements.

Very interestingly, on a site for treating your DOG for this disease I find simple and specific directions that look efficacious. Remember: a doctor's first priority is Not to be sued, Not to lose his license. He will not try anything radical on you, even if you're desperate.

If you're really sick with this I would recommend trying the protocol suggested for dogs. Notice that sulfur in supplement form, MSM, is mentioned as being useless. The recommendation is for regular sulfur which, apparently, vets are reluctant to prescribe. If vets are reluctant to prescribe it to dogs, you can be sure they will refuse it to you. You'll have to be your own health care provider in this.


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