2:34 pm

"Disease Without a Cure": Valley Fever

Valley Fever, in California and areas around it, is on the increase. A fungal infection that comes from the soil/dust, it's making people desperately sick. The treatment patients get from their doctors is powerful anti-fungals, the kind often used to fight a systemic yeast infection. This stuff has common nasty side-effects of its own, nausea and vomiting and, worse case, liver damage. Read More

2:37 pm

Gluten Content of Modern Wheat

Has Monsanto been tinkering with the gluten content in wheat? Or has it been increased greatly by breeding over the decades or centuries? It turns out neither is true. Why then has Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity increased 5x? I think it is cruel to refer to a Gluten-Free fad. Perhaps people are going gluten-free who don't really need to, but the horrible symptoms caused by gluten deserve sympathy. Read More