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What really helps me is this Sleep App on my phone. Read More

2:54 pm

Acid/Alkaline Myth

John Kozinski - Acid and Alkaline Myth on Youtube. Read More

2:17 pm

Low Stomach Acid

While getting colonics I discovered that I have lots of (odorless) gas. Researching this I've come to suspect that I have low HCL (stomach acid). A recommendation is 1/2 a lemon in water 20 minutes before each meal. I'm going to try this and see if my colonics scheduled for next week are any different. Because organic limes are easier to get right now than organic lemons, I decided to do it with limes. Read More

2:20 pm

So, I Got Glutened

I was eating salad from the buffet at a resort in Mexico. I lifted a forkful to my mouth and a piece of spaghetti fell from it onto the table. (It was not a pasta salad.) What I should have done is dropped the fork with the food, at the least gotten a new fork, better, just skipped the salad altogether since I couldn't trust it not to be contaminated. Read More

2:22 pm

NO to the Flu Shot

I do NOT recommend the flu shot. I never recommend eating anything or taking any supplement or medication without reading the label or the package insert. You can't do that with a syringe full of liquid about to inserted into your bloodstream. The flu shot (and immunizations) contain all sorts of nasty "inactive" ingredients used as preservatives and just as carrier for the flu itself. Read More

2:24 pm

Doctors Almost Ruined This Soldier

A soldier contacted me: “All of a sudden I can’t run. I get out of breath.” I double-checked that he was staying off of dairy which he had discovered that he was allergic to. He confirmed that, as much as possible he was avoiding dairy. Read More

2:26 pm

Birthday Party Reasonably Healthy, Allergy Accommodating

Three of my adult children had birthdays within twelve days of one another last month but we couldn't get them all together till this month! So...we decided to grill to make it simple. We had hormone free burger and hotdogs from Whole Foods. The hotdogs still have nitrates; They're just made from celery. It turns out nitrates never were proven to cause cancer after all. But, I know the hotdogs from Whole Foods don't have hormones. Read More

2:28 pm

Peanut Butter!

I wandered into my oldest son’s kitchen: Skippy!? I read the ingredients: roasted peanuts, sugar, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OILS (cottonseed, soybean and rapeseed), salt. “Are you out of your mind, Son? This has trans fats in it. You’ll clog your arteries, cause heart attacks!” Read More

2:34 pm

"Disease Without a Cure": Valley Fever

Valley Fever, in California and areas around it, is on the increase. A fungal infection that comes from the soil/dust, it's making people desperately sick. The treatment patients get from their doctors is powerful anti-fungals, the kind often used to fight a systemic yeast infection. This stuff has common nasty side-effects of its own, nausea and vomiting and, worse case, liver damage. Read More

2:37 pm

Gluten Content of Modern Wheat

Has Monsanto been tinkering with the gluten content in wheat? Or has it been increased greatly by breeding over the decades or centuries? It turns out neither is true. Why then has Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity increased 5x? I think it is cruel to refer to a Gluten-Free fad. Perhaps people are going gluten-free who don't really need to, but the horrible symptoms caused by gluten deserve sympathy. Read More